Contract no. 286200

Period 01.01.2012 – 29.06.2014.

Coordinator; Albert K. Imsland, Akvaplan-niva AS, Framsenteret, 9296 Tromsø, Norway

S/T methodology and associated work plan

The implementation of the work plan aims at attaining the following goals, namely to:

*Help the aquaculture SMEs to implement the new rearing technology allowing them to increase production by at least 30% and thus to achieve a sustainable profitability

*Help the SMEs to develop new turbot stunning methods and prototype equipment for stunning

*A quality assurance system will be set up to monitor and safeguard welfare of farmed turbot during farming and at slaughter at a company level

*Co-ordinate efforts between the research organisations and SMEs in order to align the research activities with the particular SMEs needs with respect exploitation of the results obtained

*Improve the European research in the field of new technologies and biological optimization of production in aquaculture, with particular regard to turbot farming

*Facilitate thorough technology transfer originating from the project to other geographical areas, including the Associated States and new member states